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Camping in Mountains



The word "Fernway" was inspired by the German word "Fernweh," which roughly translates to far-sickness or a longing for unseen places. The closest English equivalent might be wanderlust. As travelers ourselves, we found it quite beautiful. When we travel, we love staying in local residences, places that become part of the memory of the trip instead of a side note.

Founder Charles Lei is an avid traveler and has experience traveling alone, with friends, and with his family. As such, he has stayed in a variety of homes and saw what different types of groups looked for in their vacation rentals. He started out managing his own rental house nearly a decade ago, and soon his network started turning to him for advice in managing their own rentals as well. This eventually led to Fernway Vacation Rentals. Charles finds that providing excellent support to both homeowners and guests is an aspect of the vacation rental experience often talked about but less often executed. He and the Fernway team strive to make this a core part of our operations.

We look forward to having you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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