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Rekindling Lost Potential

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  • Yucca Valley, CA

  • 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom

  • Monthly Revenue with old management: $4k

  • Monthly Revenue with Fernway: $17k

  • Avg. Nightly Rate: $695

  • 4.89 Star Rating

The Beginning

In 2020, Jack, a young and ambitious first-time investor, began his short-term rental journey. After hearing about the potential of the Joshua Tree area, he purchased a beautiful pueblo-style home in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree's neighbor. Jack believed this home would be an ideal choice for future travelers. In addition to the architecture, it had a newly built pool with a lush desert backdrop; one could say it was the perfect desert oasis.

The Problem

Jack, being a busy individual with a full-time job elsewhere, hired a property management company to help with his new short-term rental. As months passed by, the vision of his rental as an extra source of cash flow slowly changed. The home’s potential seemed to be dwindling as days remained unbooked and returns were poor. In the busy months of October and November, it only grossed about $3500 per month--barely enough to cover the mortgage after expenses! Jack knew he needed a change and turned to Fernway in hopes of relighting that vision.

The Move with Fernway

After analyzing his position and creating a new game plan, we optimized Jack's house and online listing. Jack’s home was finally back on track! In his first two months with us, he earned almost $30,000 (more than 3x his previous returns). Jack is very happy with his successful investment and will reap high rewards with Fernway as he continues to search for more ventures.

Interested in what we can do differently than other management companies?

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