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New City,
Excellent Rewards




  • Desert Hot Springs, CA

  • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

  • 3x greater revenue than LTR of similar size

  • Avg. Nightly Rate: $379

  • 4.9 Star Rating

The Beginning

Dan, a young and curious homeowner based in California, was interested in joining the short- term rental space. Not knowing where to begin and which market to dive into but knowing he wanted something quick, he came to Fernway with the goal of finding a property manager who could help optimize profitability in a sustainable market.

Fernway's Expertise

Based on Dan’s goals and higher risk tolerance, Fernway recommended that he look into buying in Desert Hot Springs, an emerging market that is not yet over-saturated by other short-term rental competitors (where finding the right property might take longer). With our guidance on which homes would make a good STR, Dan went ahead and closed on his first investment property! We quickly connected him with our interior designer to help elevate his home and his positioning in the rental space. Soon after, everything was ready and the doors were open.



The Results

Since then, Dan’s home has yielded excellent results. In his first 3 months, his property hosted over 180 guests, with a gross revenue of over $29,000. He is highly impressed with his returns, and his success has inspired other homeowners, who were previously wary of buying in a “riskier” city to more seriously consider Desert Hot Springs. 

Do you want to see if Desert Hot Springs is right for you?

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