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Retire and Relax




  • North Las Vegas, NV

  • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom

  • Monthly LTR Revenue of similar size: $2.1k

  • Monthly STR Revenue: $10k

  • Avg. Nightly Rate: $431

  • 4.91 Star Rating

The Beginning

As a recently retired Washington-based homeowner, Grace was interested in having a separate stream of passive income that would allow her to fully enjoy her retirement without the stress of finances. She had heard of short-term rentals as a viable stream, but had no experience in that industry. On the other hand, she already had a long-term rental property she was looking to sell and was aware of the benefits of a 1031 exchange. This was a near perfect equation, but it was still missing one key variable: someone to help her navigate the other side of the rental market.

Fernway's Expertise


Grace found Fernway through word-of-mouth and began the process of transitioning out of the long-term rental market. We walked her through the pros and cons of various markets and settled on North Las Vegas as being the best fit for Grace’s needs. Grace then sold her long-term rental property and purchased her first home for the short-term rental market in 2021!

The Results 

In just 8 months, Grace's rental quickly generated $80k in revenue. The consistent stream of rental income has allowed Grace to feel more at ease with traveling back to her home country and visiting her daughter abroad for extended periods of time. Grace is now relaxing and enjoying retirement, stress-free. The way retirement should be. 

Looking to create a viable stream of passive income?

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