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Goodbye Day Job



  • Henderson, NV

  • 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom

  • 1st Year Revenue: 162k

  • Avg Nightly Rate: $450

  • 4.86 Star Rating

The Beginning

Christine, like many Vegas locals, held a job in the casino industry due to the ever growing demand. As years passed, she always felt like there was something more so she decided to start her side journey off the Strip. Spending all that time in the hospitality industry, she realized that short-term rentals were right up her alley. After hearing more about the logistics and possibilities, she employed the help of Fernway to help steer her journey into the right direction.

Fernway's Expertise


Fernway recommended Henderson, Nevada as a low-risk city because it had an established permit process and it was close enough for her to be able to monitor her investment. Another benefit was that she could let friends and family stay whenever they were in town! Christine went ahead and  bought her first Henderson home in 2021.

The Results 

Christine’s home was a huge success, bringing in over $162,000 in the first year! Due to this, she has been able to purchase more properties in Nevada. Her investments in multiple short term rental properties has provided enough income for her to finally quit her day job in the casino industry, allowing her to pursue her passion for design full-time. Christine is now doing what she loves while continuing to grow her short term rental portfolio with Fernway. 

Looking to start or expand your short term rental portfolio?

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